Our Mission

Awaken your power to ignite positive change.


We know that right now it would be near impossible to eliminate plastic from your life. When plastic entered our world we thought it was the way of the future. And it was.

Until we realized our global population is growing at such a rapid pace that we cannot use a resource that is not sustainable. And that means biodegradable. Plastic cannot biodegrade. Not ever. It will simply break down into smaller and smaller particles that will ooze toxins and leech out into our atmosphere our oceans our earth our water and eventually us.

Imagine this. A colorful shiny plastic particle floats by. A little fishy. Mmmmm. What a yummy looking morsel thinks the fishy. And he eats it. A fisher person comes along and catches that fishy. And ta da! There is that delicious fishy on your plate. And so it goes. Uh oh. Are we destined to become plastic people?

Hallelujah! The alternatives are here! Yes. they are yet to be perfected and find their way comfortably and effortlessly into our culture and lifestyle. Rest assured many of us are working on options.

The unmitigated facts speak for themselves. 

Change begins with you. And me. And all of us together to bring a higher consciousness to how we continue to consume. And the future we want to leave our children and their children. And so on and so on.

I invite you to our new website aimed at making that change, join us at zapplastic.co. ❤️